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  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Output Power: 100W
  • Temperature Stability: Stable
  • Output Temperature: 200-500Celsius
  • Input Voltagle: 110V/220V
  • Model Number: 928D-I
  • Brand Name: silverflo
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC
  • Function 1: C/F temperature mode
  • Function 2: Digital temperature calibration

Silverflo 928D-I 100W high power soldering iron soldering station


Voltage plug: 110VUS-two-pin flat &220VEU-two-pin round

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Temperature Range: 200~500℃

Temperature Stability: ±5℃


200-500 Digital temperature adjustable

100W maxium power

C/F temperature mode convert

Digital temperature calibration

plug-in heating core

How to use:

work on SMT and through-hole components such as SOP, DIP, SOIC, and more.

Different packages can be selected:

Set1 includes:
1.928D-I electric soldering iron

Set2 includes:
1.928D-I electric soldering iron
2.soldering iron tips (5 pcs)
3.Tubular soldering wire (0.8mm/10g) (1 pcs)
4.soldering Iron stand (1 pcs)
5.blue cleaner sponge (1 pcs)

Set3 includes:
1.928D-I electric soldering iron
2.black soldering iron tips (5 pcs)
3.tubular soldering wire (0.8mm/10g) (1 pcs)
4.soldering Iron stand (1 pcs)
5.Tweezers (1 pcs)
6.blue cleaner sponge (1 pcs)

Set4 includes:
1.928D-I electric soldering iron
2.soldering iron tips (5 pcs)
3.tubular soldering wire (0.8mm/10g)
4.soldering Iron stand (1 pcs)
5.XQ-5 suction tin pen (1 pcs)
6.tweezers (1 pcs)
7.yellow wire stripper (1 pcs)
8. Storage bag(1 pcs)
9. blue cleaner sponge (1 pcs)


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