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  • Brand Name: HELTC
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE

Soldering Iron
1. Novel design, stable performance and easy to use.
2. Wooden handle, light and comfortable, long-term use is not tired.
3. Different functions are available to meet your different needs.
4. Adjustable temperature, make the stability more stable.

Product model: wooden handle handle
Product material: solid wood + metal
Product color: yellow
Current type: AC
Power form: plasma
Input voltage: 220V

Welding Method:
1. Clean the parts to be welded.
2. Clean the tip and apply solder to all surfaces of the tip.
3. Parts that need to be heated and connected (non-welded).
4. Apply the solder to the heated part, not the iron tip, until the solder melts and flows freely.

Package Included:
Wooden Handle Soldering Iron

Kind Tips:
1. It is normal to have smoke for a short time during use.
2. Use solder to prevent any part of the part from burning.
3. It is forbidden to pull out the iron head at high temperature, so as not to burn the heating element.
4. Cool naturally after use.


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