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  • Model Number: DC12V 3D printer mainboard high power hot bed module
  • Item Type: Heatbed
  • Brand Name: diymore
  • Origin: Mainland China

Product selling point:
1. Universal heated bed power expansion module high power module for 3D printers.
2. Can be used for Chitu motherboards and other open 3D printer motherboards.
3. Help 3D printers equipped with controller board (max 15A) become more powerful.
4. With this add-on module, the maximum current of the lead on the board can reach 25A.
5. If you plan to use a heated bed with a 3D printer that uses a 12V power supply, it is recommended to use this module, otherwise it may cause excessive current, which may burn the connectors on the controller board.

Colour: Black
Voltage: DC12-24V
Maximum current: 25A (enhanced heat dissipation)

Instructions for use:
1. When connecting the power cord, pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative poles
2. Module placement problem: When using the module, do not place it in a place with dense wires. This helps reduce the heating burden on the module and improves safety
3. When the module is working: do not let the conductor touch its bottom
4. When using high power, enhance heat dissipation, this module can bring 25A stable output
5. Current output, the current size is determined by the load

The package includes:
Static bag packaging
High-power hot bed module*1+20cm signal line*1


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