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  • Brand Name: ANENG
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Filling capacity: 8ML
  • Tank material: ABS plastic
  • Temperature: Flame temperature 1300 °C
  • Use fuel: Pure butane, gas
  • Usage time: 8ML version about 35-45 minutes
  • Fecture 1: Multi-function welding tool of gas iron
  • Fecture 2: Reusable and inflatable use
  • Fecture 3: Adjustable flame
  • Fecture 4: Portable
  • Support: Dropshipping

4 In 1 1300 Celsius Butane Portable Soldering Iron Kit Welding Pen Burner Blow Torch Gas Soldering Iron Cordless Butane Tip Tool


*1. Filling capacity: 8ML

*2. Tank material: ABS plastic

*3. Temperature: flame temperature 1300 °C, soldering iron temperature 450 °C

*4. Use fuel: pure butane, gas

*5. Usage time: 8ML version about 35-45 minutes


*1. It is multi-function welding tool of gas iron, can be used separately or replace other soldering iron head. Its tempertature up to 450°C.

*2. Reusable and inflatable use. Easy to refill gas on the top of this item.

*3. Adjustable flame. Rotate left and right to adjust the size of the flame.

*4. Small size and compact design, easy to carry and store.


1. Loose rusted metal screws, laboratory heating research, kitchen baking, equipment maintenance.

2. Car repair welding, aviation equipment repair, hydropower engineering equipment maintenance.

3. Electrical appliances, motor control box repair welding, etc.

4. Circuit board repair welding, IC board welding repair, indoor and outdoor line welding.

5. Electronic components on the tin, welding, etc.

How to Use: 

1. When filling with gas, make sure that the switch is turned off at OFF.

2. Guide the gas tank into the air hole, and press down to inflate.

(If the gas emits at the tail after being filled, please press the gas outlet slightly with a pen tip or something.)

3. After about 10 seconds, gas filling can be completed. Wait a few minutes until the gas is stable before use.

4. Turn the switch to ON and ignite with the lighter near the head. (During ignition, please do not turn the switch too large. It is appropriate to turn it to the middle)

Package Includes:

1 Set x Soldering Iron Tools (Gas is not Included) 


5/6 x Soldering Iron Heads


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