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  • Is Smart Device: YES
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Output Current: 2-5A
  • Output Frequency: 45-53Hz or 55Hz-63Hz
  • Output Power: 500 – 1000W
  • Output Type: single
  • Weight: 2.2KG
  • Size: 30x22x12CM
  • Model Number: GTN-600W-24V-220V
  • Brand Name: PMSUN
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Output Voltage:: 220VAC(185-250V) or 120VAC(90-140V)
  • MPPT Voltage range: 24-35V
  • Output wave: Pure Sine Wave
  • Displa: LED display
  • PV MAX input power: 600W
  • MPP tracking efficiency: >99%
  • MAX.DC current(A): 30A
  • PV mode AC MAX output: 480W(Requires 600W real power input)
  • Suitable for Battery voltage: 24V

600W Grid Tie Inverter DC26V-45V MPPT Pure Sine Wave AC230V for 24V 36V Solar Panel,Adjutable 24V Battery Discharge Power

Grid Tie Inverter MPPT Range 24-35V.As the DC voltage gets closer to 24V, the inverter works less efficiently.

Vmp(of a solar panel) must be in the MPPT range to ensure the good output efficiency.

Micro grid tie inverter compatible with 24V battery. Adjustable power 80W-320W output in 24V battery mode.Low voltage battery shutdown ensures that the battery capacity is not depleted. Extends battery life.

Micro Inverter Max Power Point Tracking and Stackable,Island Protection. If the DC connection is loose and causes a short circuit, then smoke may be emitted.The inverter adopts aluminum alloy casing, so there is no fire.

Advanced Anti-island technology.LED indicators distinctively showing status of system.Simple wiring, allowing you to easily obtain clean power.


The Grid-tied inverter is used in photovoltaic system, it maximises the output of photovoltaic solar energy from solar modules, and allows the energy to be converted and fed through the power utility grid for normal everyday uses.

The latest upgrade adjustable power inverter

1) adds a new solar panel and battery operation mode switch (two independent mode operation, safe and reliable)

2) rotary switch from 100W to about 380W any mobilization

3) In battery mode, the new increase can be recorded each time you turn off the last set output power

4)Battery mode (automatic identification) with battery low voltage protection.

Battery (battery) power output adjustment mode:
1.the adjustable knob on the inverter to the right twist,Battery power adjustment mode opens,The right of the blue LED light on,At this point the PV inverter MPPT tracking function automatically turns off,Low output machine output power of about 100W, the adjustable knob slowly twist to the right,with the output power gradually increases, the limited battery adjustable maximum output power of about 75% of the total power of the inverter (for example, 500W inverter defined variable will be around 370W, 600W inverter will be limited to 450W)
2. when the inverter is connected to the battery discharge the battery voltage is too low, The inverter will automatically stop to protect the battery output voltage is not too low,At this point you can not cut off the DC line between the inverter and battery,You can use other independent solar charge controller to the battery charge,When charging the battery is full,When 26 ~ 42V inverter connected to 24V battery:The inverter will automatically start and the net output (for example,Battery voltage into about 21V, the machine will automatically shut down, this time with another charge controller to the battery charge,When charged to about 25V, the machine will automatically begin to work), Charging without human intervention.


Rated Power:600W
PV open voltage range:26V-45V
PV MAX input power:600W
MPPT Voltage range:24-35V
fit for 24V, 30V Solar Panels: Vmp is 26-30V and Voc is 34-38V
fit for 36V Solar Panels:Vmp is 35-39V and Voc is 42-46V
MPP tracking efficiency:>99%
MAX.DC current(A):30A
PV mode AC MAX output:480W(Requires 600W real power input)
Suitable for Battery voltage:24V
Battery high voltage protection:29V
Battery Low Voltage Protection:22V
Battery mode Max output power:380W
AC output range:230VAC(190-260VAC)
Frequency range:50HZ/60HZ
Protection:Islanding; Short-circuit; Low Voltage; Over Voltage; Over temperature Protection
Packing Size (LxWxH):30x22x12CM


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