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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Plug type: USA / EU
  • Working voltage: 110V (US) / 220V (EU)
  • Power: 60W
  • Heating method: internal heating
  • Total length: about 22.3cm
  • Preheating time: 55s
  • Preheating temperature rise: 200-450 ℃
  • Heating core: ceramic heating core
  • Product material: plastic silica gel stainless steel

60W Electric Soldering Irons Temperature Adjustable Electric Iron Mini Handle Heat Pencil Soldering Iron solder accessories


Plug type: USA / EU

Working voltage: 110V (US) / 220V (EU)

Power: 60W

Heating method: internal heating

Total length: about 22.3cm

Preheating time: 55s

Preheating temperature rise: 200-450 ℃

Heating core: ceramic heating core

Product material: plastic, silica gel, stainless steel


1. Intelligent constant temperature electric soldering iron, rapid temperature rise and adjustable constant temperature

2. Long life ceramic heating core, low carbon and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency

3. Convenient and fast design, bid farewell to the problems of difficult replacement of heating core and welding, and just twist the sleeve to replace the heating core, saving time and effort and high efficiency

4. Wide range of application, suitable for various repair purposes of electronics and chip boards, welding, jewelry, guitar, watch, wiring, mobile equipment, computer hardware, small electronic products, TV capacitors or accessories, children’s jewelry, handicrafts, etc.

Package Included:

1 * electric soldering iron


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