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  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Type: Combination
  • Brand Name: SHENGMEIYU
  • Origin: Mainland China

6Pcs Set Desoldering Aid Tool Kit Soldering Aid Assist Tools PCB Cleaning Kit Repair Tool Electronic Heat Assist Set

*Dye black refined carbon steel, durable and convenient
*The 12 types of welding auxiliary tools, such as pressing, drilling, prying, poking, cutting, scraping, hooking, pulling, topping and brushing, which are commonly used for welding repair, are concentrated in 6 welding auxiliary tools.
*Designed for board repair, assembly, component removal, grinding, cleaning, and tin removal
*It can repair and replace top parts and other precision components, and can also be used in some daily work, PCB board cleaning, repair, scrubbing to increase the hole surface electronic components removal fixed, etc.

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Products include:

1 x Solder Assist Knife

1 x Solder Assist Fork

1 x Solder Assist Reamer

1 x Solder Assist Chip Hold

1 x Solder Assist Brash

1 x Solder Assist Needle


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