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  • Steering Position: LHD
  • Special Features: Car OBD Speed Lock
  • Item Weight: 0.2kg~1kg
  • Model Name: Toyota
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Material: ABS plastic and metal clip
  • Special Features: Plug and play
  • Type: Car Auto OBD Plug And Play Speed Lock & Unlock Module
  • Fit: For Honda 10th Civic CRV-5 2016 2017


This product has two functions to choose from.

The first one is:(not support the manual gear and hybrid mode)

1.Auto locking when put D gear

2.auto unlocking when put P gear

3.circular locking

4..auto unlock when emergently brakes

5.flashing light when open the door

6.flashing light when reverse the car

The second is:

1.Auto locking when driving speed reaches 15km/h

2.auto unlocking when engine off

3.circular locking

4.auto unlock when emergently brakes

ImportantTIPS: After ordering, please tell us which function you need to choose

TIPS: Installed or removed, in the case of no ignition, important!

ATTN:Please mark your car name and the year, it's very important, thank you!

Function effect display

1.Dgear or 15-yard automatic lock

when in D gear or drlvIng 15 yards

The four doors are automatically locked toprevent the risk of accldentally opening thedoor

while driving

(The two functions can be set to choose one)

2.Automatically unlock when Pgear or flameout

When the P block or the flame is turned off

The four-door central lock is automatically unlocked,which is convenient for passengers in the car to get off

(The two functions can be set to choose one)

3.Loop lock

Unlock and open any car door when on the wayWhen the driving speed reaches 15 yards again,You can Lock again

4.Door flashing

When the power is on, open any doorThe turn signal can flash at the same time,reminding the vehicles behind to pay attention to safety

5.Reversing flashing light

When reversing in reverse gear

The turn signal flashes to prompt,improve the safety factor

(Manual gear does not support this function)

6.Emergency brake unlock + flashing light

When the speed is above 60KM/h,

Emergency brake, four-door central control lock isautomatically unlocked, and double flashing prompt

OBD lock device installation position

1. Squat down and look in
the direction of the arrow

2. See a white plug

3. Just insert the product


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