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  • Power Supply: Dry Battery
  • Fit Door Thickness: 30mm
  • Suitable Door Type: Wooden Door
  • Ways To Unlock: Card
  • Brand Name: SARY
  • Origin: Mainland China

RFID hidden sensor lock; no need to open installation holes, no need to connect circuits; 2 AA batteries for power supply; easy and fast installation; suitable for most wooden drawers, cabinet doors, etc.

Product Description:

1. The lock is mastercard/key fob set, no programming or activation required. You only need to install 2 AA alkaline batteries to use the lock.

2. Only suitable for wooden doors, especially suitable for drawers, lockers, cabinets, sliding doors.

3. No drilling required, no damage to your cabinets.

4. The induction card will rebound automatically afterward, and the operation is simple.

5. Use EMID 125K card

6. ABS plastic lock body, invisible installation, durable and anti-corrosion.

7. The motor life is about 100,000 times, and the static power consumption is less than 5μA.

8. One main card can be set to open multiple locks. So you only need to keep one key to control all the locks.

9. Effective card reading distance: such as key ring card 0-2CM, white card 0-3CM (default configuration is key ring card)

10. Low battery prompt: When the battery is too low; when unlocking, there will be a long beep to indicate the low battery status. A long beep indicates that a new battery needs to be replaced, at which point the lock can be used 20 more times.

11. If a low voltage is detected after 20 consecutive unlocks, the door lock will not be able to be locked after it is unlocked.

12. If it is not used for a long time after installation until the power is exhausted, you can use the Micro data cable to connect the emergency power interface with the mobile power supply to unlock the power supply.

Standard style packing list

1x lock body, 1x lock buckle, 3x user card, 1x management card

1x induction logo, 1x mounting screw

Sensitive And Fast Response

The sensing distance of the blue label can be within 2CM; the sensing distance of the white card can be within 3CM; if the thickness of your wood board exceeds 2CM, please leave a message to us to replace it with card sensing.

Powered By 2 AA Batteries

With low voltage prompt function, when the low voltage prompt is unlocked more than 20 times, it will not be able to be locked. The battery needs to be replaced in time.

Emergency Power Interface

When the battery is completely exhausted and cannot be unlocked; you can connect the micro Android interface to use the power bank to unlock.


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