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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Input voltage: other
  • Type: electrothermal
  • Current type: direct
  • texture of material: stainless steel
  • Overall dimensions: one hundred and eighty
  • Power form: electrothermal

High Quality Assurance Wireless Charging Electric Soldering Iron Suitable For Various Welding Operations Tin Soldering Iron


Commodity attribute

Input voltage; other

Type; electrothermal

Current type; direct

texture of material; stainless steel

Purpose; Welding, maintenance, measurement of voltage, current, resistance and capacitance;

Overall dimensions; one hundred and eighty

Power form; electrothermal


About this item

[Multi purpose design] is applicable to a wide range of welding operations. Such as various electronic and electrical maintenance, circuit board welding or design, process and jewelry manufacturing. The soldering iron kit is also very suitable for campus and classroom electronic experimental work, home DIY production or office wiring design.

[High quality assurance] Solder iron kit, made of stainless steel, including replaceable tip and protective sleeve, USB cable, mini bracket, cleaning sponge, etc., as shown in the ; Products with temperature adjustable buttons also have good temperature resistance for screw cap and handle operation. It effectively protects the service life.

[Working temperature] The upgraded USB soldering iron kit has a wide temperature range, which is convenient for you to control: just press the switch button, and it will start in 2 seconds, because we can see the green signal light, and the temperature range is 330-350 ° C; Blue indicator light, the temperature range will reach 370-400 ° C; The maximum temperature of the red indicator light is 4300 ° C-450 ° C * * This product is not a battery soldering iron**

When you complete the assembly, all components are packaged in a smart box, just like a pen in your pocket at any time. Easy to carry, suitable for outdoor work.

[Excellent choice for beginners] This product has simple structure, convenient installation and operation, and large transmission capacity, which can meet the basic requirements of DIY. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, it is a useful soldering iron kit.

Package Included:

1 * Wireless soldering iron six piece set


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