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  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Usage: Hot Stapler Plastic Welder Heat Gun Soldering Iron for Plastic Welding
  • Dimensions: 25*20*7cm
  • Welding Area: Car Bumper Repair Kit Car Bumper Repair Stapler Welding Tools
  • Frequency: 220V 60W Plastic Welding / Car Bumper repair
  • Power: 60W
  • Model Number: Hot Stapler Welding Gun Professional Soldering Iron Handheld Electric
  • Brand Name: XMSJ
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Function 1:: Bumper Bodywork Repairs Machine
  • Function 2: Cars Plastic Repair Gun
  • Function 3: Plastic Welding Machine

Repairs at least 98% of the plastics on the market. Perfect for repairing: bumper, dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, spoiler, handles, headlights, plastic wings, car and motorcycle plastic device, etc.
Rapid temperature rise, 3 seconds rapid heating, disassembly free welding.
The temperature reaches 400 ℃ per second, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
Thickened anti scald hand guard can effectively isolate high-temperature heated objects and avoid accidental contact and scald.
LED lighting makes it easier to work in the dark.
Comfortable grip, spring switch, touch and start, easy to use.

Plug: EU Plug / USPlug
Voltage:110V / 220V
Output power:60W
Output voltage:0-5V
Output current:0-20A
package size:25x20x7cm

1: Plastic welding (free of nails)filler welding, hole repair, and eliminate gaps.
2: Planting nails With various repair nails, it can repair horizontal, vertical, long and short crack .
3: Hot smoothing Plastic heating is smoothed, welded, doubled in strength, and beautifully added.
4: Thermal cutting It can be used for hot cutting of plastic rope, flat cutting and automatic sealing.
5: Tin Welding Heat/cooling is faster, more efficient and more energy efficient than general welding machines.

[Black Plastic Welding Gun]


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