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  • With Magnetic: No
  • Model Number: JC V1SE
  • Pieces Included: 7in1
  • Material: Other
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model: JC-V1S upgrade version
  • Function 1: Repair True Tone function
  • Function 2: Repair Ambient Light Sensor
  • Function 3: Battery data read-write restore and cycle clear
  • Function 4: one-key restore
  • Function 5: Fingerprint Serial Number Read &Write


1. Read screen info, battery info and fingerprint serial number automaticlly.
2.Repair Truetone with/without the original screen.
3.Read and write Logic/baseband chip, dot projector data, 12 series screen data.
4.Detect receiver FPC.
5.Touch/Brightness/Vibration repair.
6. Read, write and repair battery data.
7.Battery passes the i4 test.
8.Clear battery charging times.
9. Analyze phone crashes.
10.Support multiple function boards extension.
11. Connect to phone and read original factory info such as screen code, battery code, fingerprint serial number, etc. One key repair.

7 in 1 JC-V1SE Full Set

JC V1SE Host + 7 small boards:

1、Battery Testing Board ONLY for iPhone 6-14 Pro Max

2、Vibrator Testing Board ONLY for iPhone 12-13 Series

3、True Tone Testing Board for iPhone 8-11Pro Max

4、Fingerprint Testing Board for iPhone5S-8P

5、Earspeaker Flex Testing Board for iPhone 8-13 Pro Max

6、Matrix Testing Board for iPhone X-14 Pro Max/ipad Pro 3/ipad Pro 4

7、True Tone Repair Panel for iPhone 12-13 Series, 2-in-1.(support 12 series/ 13mini/ 13 true tone repair by replacing with either original factory screen or brand screen such as ZY/ SL/ RJ/ JK/ GX/ JH/ XY/ GK)


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