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  • Brand Name: KINGBOLEN
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools

About S800

The Kingbolen S800 DIY 4 systems diagnostic tool was released in April 2023, with similar features to the Launch CRP123 series, S800 added more 13 resets functions with lifetime free update and use. Kingbolen S800 is the Best Choice for:Technicians, advanced DIYer, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, a uto repair shop………..

Selling ponit:

4 Systems Diagnostic Tool :

1.Engine Control Module (ECM)
2.transmission control module (TCM
3.Anti-skid Braking System (ABS)
4.electronic control of safety airbag (SRS

OBDII 10 test modes:

it has the ability to perform a full diagnosis on Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission system, which can read/clear codes, live data stream, and read ECU module information.Diagnose with full 10 OBD2 test mode to fix most of emission issuess

15 resets functions:

including Oil Lamp Reset, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, Steering Angle Calibration, TPMS Reset………….

Free Lifetime Updates:

you can enjoy lifetime free software updates,includes the 15 resets software and more than 75+ car brands software update.

AUTO-VIN + 4-IN-1 LIVE DATA + Record + Playback

With the capability of quickly and accurately getting the vehicle identification number via Auto VIN scan in seconds and then scanning the above 4 systems, the diagnostic report will be automatically generated and can be shared or printed via Email.Support a maximum of 4 live data to be merged into a graphic for data comparison, which can be as data records, and playback, to better monitor vehicle performance and analyze abnormal parameters.

Worldwide Vehicle Coverage + Supports 16 languages

Supports up to 75+ vehicle brands, which can work well on all 12V vehicles manufactured after 1996 that meet the OBDII protocol, like ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000), IOS 15765-4 (CAN), ISO 9141-2 (IOS), ISO 14229 (UDS), SAEJ 1850 (VPW&PWM),which allows you to access almost 12V cars, SUVs, light-duty trucks, etc. And it supports 16 languages that can be used for free, including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Slovakia, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese Traditional, Swedish.

1.Engine Control Module (ECM)

Today’s engines are complex systems, using feedback loops from intake air temperature and flow, manifold absolute pressure, engine coolant temperature, crankshaft and camshaft position, oil pressure, fuel rail pressure, fuel tank pressure, vehicle speed and many other inputs to determine correct air/fuel ratios, camshaft timing, ignition timing and other, critical, operational parameters. The Kingbolen S8000 OBD2 Scanner speeds diagnosis by providing the user access to critical OBD II standard data as well as extended, manufacturer specific, data on engine, fuel, emissions and performance parameters, at the touch of a button.

2.transmission control module (TCM)

Today’s automatic transmissions (A/T), like our engines have evolved into a complex system of mechanical, electrical and control systems interaction. Today’s transmissions provide a wealth of information about the success of up and downshifts, solenoid action (too harsh, too soft), clutch engagement, fluid temperature, fluid level, pressure, and other, critical, operational and diagnostic information. The Kingbolen S800 OBD2 Scanner provides the user a detailed view into this critical components operation and function, allowing fast, accurate and complete diagnosis of existing, or potential issues.

3.Anti-skid Braking System (ABS)

Like other systems, braking systems have evolved and become more complex, with multiple sensors and actuators operating together to make braking more smooth, consistent and safe for everyone. The Kingbolen S800 obd2 scanner allows the user to monitor and diagnose critical ABS systems to ensure that repairs to this critical system are effective, and complete.


4.electronic control of safety airbag (SRS)

A well-functioning, always ready, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is absolutely critical for occupant and driver safety. Even minor issues might impact the operation, and performance, of the SRS system. The Kingbolen S800 obd2 scanner quickly, and efficiently, allows the user to retrieve, read and interpret SRS system issues and monitor SRS system functionality to rapidly diagnose, and repair, the cause of the issue. Once repaired, the Kingbolen S800 will allow the code to be cleared and the SRS system to be tested, by the PCM, to ensure that the fixes are complete.

The S800 support 15 resets function (lifetime free to use)

1.Oil Reset
2. Elec.Throttle Adaption
3. Battery Matching
4. ABS Bleeding
5. Break-pad Reset
6. DPF Regeneration
7. Gear Learning
8. IMMO Service
9. Injector Coding
10. TPMS Reset
11. Suspension Matching
12. AFS Reset
13. A/T Learning
14. Sunroof Initialization
15.EGR Adaption

FULL OBD2/EOBD functions:

1.Module Information

Click "Version Information" to read the version information of the current car ECU

2.Read Fault Code

This function is used to read the fault codes in the ECU memory of the system under test, helping maintenance personnel to quickly find out the cause of the vehicle fault

3.Clear Fault Code

This function is used to clear the fault codes stored in the ECU of the tested system

4.Read Data Stream

This function is mainly used to read and display the real-time operating data and parameters of the automotive ECU. By observing these real-time data streams, maintenance technicians can gain insight into the overall performance of the vehicle and provide guidance for vehicle maintenance

5. I/M Readiness Status

6. Read Live Data Stream

7.View Freeze Frame Data

8.O2 Sensor Test

9.On-Board Monitor Test

10.Component Test

4 Live Data Stream Analyse in 1 Graph

Deep Dive into Auto Diagnostics with Live Data Graphing, Record, Playback, Sharing.

1.Live Data Stream Graphing provides very detailed data stream data, it could include the change of Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor1 , Throttle valve position , F uel Tank Pressure , Long&Short F uel Trim and so on. Graphical data allows you to analyze the data changes of each module more clearly and easily, and it is easier to see the problems in it.

2.Live Data Stream Record allow you to record the live data stream and view the data of a certain point in a targeted manner. So that you can view the data more clearly.

3.Live Data Stream Playback After you have recorded the data for a period of time, if you want to view and analyze the data just recorded, you need to use data stream playback function to help you. You can view the data at any time you recorded. Then you can choose " Combine", " Report" and " Record".

4.Live Data Stream Sharing will let you share any data status and content you want to display anytime, anywhere. You can send it to your friend or mechanic to help you solve complex problems.

Auto VIN & DTC Library Lookup:

Come with the latest Auto VIN Scan Technology, KIngbolen scanner S800 can quickly automatic identify vehicle information, like brand, year, make, model and etc. The built-in DTC library allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code. Saves your effort in Google searching. *NOTE: AutoVIN feature does NOT work on ALL vehicles. You always can navigate your vehicle manually to perform diagnostics/services.

Automatically generate Diagnostic Report; Share via Email. Diagnostic Online Feedback, DTC LookUp Library

Real Time Battery Voltage :

Real Time Battery Voltage Monitor to check vehicle battery voltage status in real time.

Support 57+ Car Makers and Over 100000 Car Model ( Free to Use)

Au di;Opel;Peugeot ;Dongfeng Peugeot;Benz ; Maybach;Porsche ;BMW ;brilliance BMW ;Rolls Royce ;mini; Renault ; Dacia;Chrysler ; DODGE;Jeep; Saab;Citroen ;Dongfeng Citroen;Seat;Daewoo;Skoda; Demo;SMART;Eobd2 ;Sprinter;Fiat ; ABARTH ; Alfa Romeo ; Lancia ;Nanjing Fiat;Subaru;GM ;Chevrolet ; Cadillac ; Buick;Suzuki;Honda ; Acura ;Dongfeng Honda ; GAC Honda;Toyota ;Lexus ;Toyota China; Hyundai;Ford ;Lincoln ;Changan Ford;Volvo ;Lynk&Co ;Jaguar;Isuzu;Volkswagen; Bentley ;Bugatti ;Lamborghini; VW;Kia; Land Rover; Mazda ;Mazda China;Mitsubishi ; GAC Mitsubishi;Nissan;Infiniti ; Nissan GTR ;Dongfeng Nissan;Venucia, etc.

supports 16+Lauguages

English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Swedish, Traditional Chinese

Package List of S500/S600/S800

1pc x Main device (S500/S600/S800)
1pc x diagnostic cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x user's Guide
1pc x carton box


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