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  • 2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 150 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 2.4G
  • Application: Home
  • Package: Yes
  • Standards And Protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11g
  • Max. LAN Data Rate: 150Mbps
  • With Modem Function: No
  • Type: Wireless
  • Brand Name: KuWFi
  • Origin: Mainland China
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This is a new LTE 4G USB mobile plug-in card portable WiFi Internet access, which supports up to 8 WiFi users to connect via WiFi at the same time.

Simply connect directly to the USB port of your laptop to transfer data

Key Features:

Plug and play for easy internet access

Plug in the mobile phone charging head/car charging head/charging treasure to Wifi/laptop/desktop computer, etc.

Say no to lag and enjoy 4G

150M Internet access, high-speed, smooth without stuttering, faster, stronger and more stable.

Multiple terminals can access the Internet at the same time

Support mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, smart TVs and other electronic equipment access, can support 8 terminals at the same time to access the Internet, easy 4G to wireless Wifi.

Wide range of applications

Rural suburbs / school dormitories / outdoor activities / webcasts / offices

Easy to use

Simply plug the adapter into your computer's USB port to connect wirelessly to a network or create a hotspot. With up to 150Mbps wireless connection, you'll enjoy a powerful web experience for surfing, chatting, or playing games online

Superior range

Built-in 4G + WiFi antenna provides the best coverage and reliability, enhances signal strength, and allows you to enjoy reliable wireless connectivity anytime, anywhere

Have fun together

Internet connection sharing accommodates up to 8 WiFi users and enjoy surfing the Internet with your family or friends at the same time without lag

Frequency Range:

4G LTE FDD:B1/B3/B5(2100/1800MHZ/850MHZ)

3G WCDMA:B1(2100MHZ)

Working in most of Asia(such as Japan、South Korea, Thailand, Philippines,Singapore )

Package contents:

1 x 4G LTE USB modem

Shipping time and tracking

We use secure and trackable shipping methods to ship packages, here are the estimated delivery times for different countries:

7-10 days for Asian countries.

European countries 10-15 days.

United States 10-25 days .

15-25 days in the Americas .

Brazil 15-40 days .


Please check which SIM card carrier is compatible with the router in your country before ordering, and if you do not understand anything, please contact the seller. Thank you!!


Q:How to modily the wifi name and wifi passwork

A:Log in web ui to setiing

Q:Can this router work in my country?

A:If you are not sure whether it can work in your country,you can consult the seller or research it here before you place the order https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks

Q:Cannot recognize my SIM card?

A:You can insert SIM card into the router for one minute first,then turn on the power.If still not recognized the SIM card,please install another SIM card from another SIM card operator.

Q:If your settings are correct and the device still cannot connect to the network, please consider whether it is caused by the following problems:

①.Account got suspended for too much data usage.
②.Is the SIM card an IoT card?
③.the sim card have limited service ,not work with router or hotspot .
④.not support roaming service.
⑤.some place did not cover the network Frequency band.
Retrieval:usb lte 라우터와이파이 lte 라우터 포켓 와이파이 포켓와이파이 휴대용와이파이 동글이 wifi 4g lte 무선 usb 동글 mobile wifi router mifi 4g 모뎀 4g dongle 4g lte pocket wifi 4g lte modem usb lte modem sim wifi lte  라우터 유럽형 portable wifi 휴대용 sim 동글 usb 4g modem mini 4g 포켓 mifi 모바일 와이파이휴대용모바일라우터 dongle sim card lte 모바일라우터 안테나 lte usb dongle lte 라우터 한국 lte 라우터 usb usb 동글 usb modem 4g wifi 4g модемmodem 4g wifi sim cardwifiwifi usbmifiwifi роутерadaptador wifiдля дачидачамодем 4g sim карты wifiusb модемwi fi4g wifi router with sim card slotusb модем 4gpocket wifiроутер с сим картой 4ghotspot4g wifi роутерроутер wi fiвай фай роутер4g роутер wifi с симкартойwifi portátilмодемы 4g универсальныйроутер с сим картой 4g wifi4g dongle와이파이modem wifi 4g sim cardроутермодем wifi под симкартуlte 라우터wi fi модуль для ноутбукаnetgearinternet for carинтернет оборудование для дачиusb wifiwifi 4gкомплект интернета для дачиdongle 4gсим безлимит интернет 4gмобильный роутер 4g wifi4g wifi роутер с sim картойwifi device 4g hotspot with simвайфай роутерwifi роутер 4g с сим картой ldw931 한국버젼 휴대용 wifi


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