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  • Electronic: No
  • Material Type: PLastic
  • Item Weight: 0.3kg
  • Item Height: 5inch
  • Item Width: 3inch
  • Item Length: 4inch
  • Voltage: V
  • Power: W
  • Model Name: GOLO 4.0 PRO
  • Software Version: New
  • Hardware Version: New
  • Item Type: Other
  • Brand Name: LAUNCH
  • Origin: Mainland China
The Bluetooth GOLO PRO connector Hardware only.Support flashed software
1.The scanner must be used with software activated

2.This is only handware not included software !

Available special functions:
  • -Reset after replacing brake pads (BRAKE RESET);

  • -Reset of the service interval after oil change (OIL RESET);

  • -Reset the steering angle sensor (SAS RESET);

  • -Reset after replacing the battery with a new one (BAT. RESET);

  • -Air outlet from the ABS brake system (BLEEDING);

  • -Throttle valve adaptation (ETS RESET);

  • -Registering and removing tire pressure sensors (TPMS RESET);

  • -Burning and restoration of the particulate filter (DPF REG.);

  • -Automatic switching on and adjustment of auto light (AFS RESET);

  • -Adaptation of the EGR valve (EGR ADAPTION);

  • -Teaching and prescribing the crankshaft sensor (GEAR LEARN);

  • -Adaptation of the gearbox after repair (GEARBOX);

  • -Prescribing and deleting immobilizer keys (IMMO);

  • -Coding of new injectors after replacement (INJECTOR);

  • -Changing the odometer on the dashboard (ODOMETER);

  • -Setting up automatic opening / closing of the hatch depending on weather conditions (SUNROOF);

  • -Adaptation of the body height sensor – air suspension (SUS RESET);

  • -Reset of errors of airbags after an accident (AIRBAG RESET).


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