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  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: Adjustable constant temperature heating welding table
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE

1.Mini handheld electric heating plate, square tower shaped, detachable controller and heating plate design, allowing you to put it in your pocket
2.The control end and heating element can be separated and directly plugged in and out, allowing for free replacement
3.Concentrate preheating of operating parts to reduce damage to nearby components
4.Efficient heating area reduces energy consumption, has a wide range of applications, and screen display temperature control
5.Abandon redundancy and improve efficiency. Little experts in preheating, welding disassembly, and mobile heating
6.Humanized functions, including preset temperature, tilt heating, power wake-up, automatic sleep, and firmware upgrade for easy use

The MHP30 mini constant temperature heating table is a super mini intelligent constant temperature heating table that eliminates redundancy and retains sufficient effective heating area, greatly saving energy consumption and heating time. It condenses the large desktop constant temperature heating table into a pocket volume; Equipped with popular PD power input, MHP30 makes the heating table no longer trapped on the desktop, becoming a member of portable heating tools.
The MHP30 has excellent thermal performance. When powered by a 65W PD power supply, it only takes 150 seconds to heat from room temperature (26 ° C) to 300 ° C. The control end is equipped with a true color light, and the color of the light changes with the temperature of the heating body, making it clear whether it is warm or cold. In addition to the firmware upgrade function, MHP30 also has intelligent menus such as preset temperature, tilt protection, power wake-up, and automatic sleep. Users can set the corresponding functions on or off according to their needs.

Product model: MHP30
Heating element model: BS30
Heating area: 30mm * 30mm
Temperature range: 100-350 ° C
Temperature stability: 3%
Resistance to ground:<292
Power: 60W (maximum)
Input: PD protocol (up to 20V)
Product size: Control end: L43mm * W35mm * H31mm
Heating element: L31 mm * W31 mm * H28mm
Other functions: Multiple intelligent modes: preset temperature, tilt protection, power wake-up, automatic sleep, firmware upgrade
Power selection
MHP30 supports power adapters that comply with the PD fast charging protocol. Please select a PD power adapter with 20V3A gear output
To achieve the best experience.
MHP30 can be powered by a power bank or mobile power supply that complies with the PD protocol (up to 20V).

Package includes:
Package 1
MHP30 Package List:
MHP30 controller x1
Mini heating element (BS30) x1
Type-C – C data cable x1
Instructions x1

Package 2
MHP30 PD Package List:
MHP30 controller x1
Mini heating element (BS30) x1
Type-C-C data cable x1
PD power supply (American standard) x1
Conversion plug (European standard) x1
Instructions x1


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