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  • Type: LCD & Touch Screen Digitizer
  • Material: IPS
  • Screen: > 3"
  • Model Number: For Tecno Spark 4
  • LCD Kit: Yes
  • Touch Screen Type: Capacitive Screen
  • Display Resolution: 1280×720
  • Brand Name: Wanyan
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Compatible Brand: TECNO
  • Certification: NONE
  • Color: Black
  • LCD Display: 100% Test
  • Shipment date: 1-3 Days
  • The warranty: 180 Days

Note to customers, please ensure there are no other problems with the phone itself. The correct model of screen is purchased.

The description of our shop. All products are tested on real machines before shipment. 100% normal use, no problem with the screen, we can ship to you! Purchase agreement

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1: We mainly provide high-quality screens. According to different needs, we will provide different quality, different standards, and different prices for customers to choose. What kind of quality do you need, please contact us.

2: The customer has paid, and we will conduct a screen test after receiving the order. We will ship it for you within 48 hours. At the same time, we provide you with a set of free mobile phone screen repair tools

3: Wait for the order to arrive, first open the box and take a video to prevent logistics damage.

4: The customer must test the screen 100% first. The frame can only be installed when the screen is working properly.

5: If there is any problem after the screen is installed, our shop will not give any after-sales treatment. Normal use after installation. The responsibility indicates that the installation is correct. continue to use!

6: A screen problem was found during the test. Please consult customer service to solve the problem. After the customer installed, problems such as cracks, water leakage, crashes, flashing screens, automatic touch, and inability to touch occurred, which explained the reasons for improper use of glue. Or installation error! Cause damage. This shop does not give any after-sales treatment, so this shop does not recommend installation for novices.

7: If you have already purchased items in this shop, you are responsible for agreeing to the clear purchase agreement of this shop! Note before installation:


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