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  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: KSS-190A
  • Include Display: No
  • Use: Home
  • Brand Name: ZUXYUNG
  • Origin: Mainland China

Buyer's attention:

    most of the laser head in the installation before the need to weld the protection solder joints can be used normally! If you do not understand the place please consult US after the purchase, we will be patient for your guidance, to provide help. When removing the bald head, try not to move the level adjustment screw, remove one side of the slider to take out the bald head can. The adjusting position of the horizontal screw directly affects the disc reading performance of the machine. For those that have been moved, after the bald head is installed, carefully adjust the horizontal screw until the disc reading reaches the best performance.

Before buying:

     in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, before buying our products, please make sure that this model (compare our pictures) is not the product you need, make sure that you have enough ability to replace your need (laser head) and other accessories, otherwise: you must buy our products after the exchange of professional personnel, testing! To avoid damage to the product and your machine.


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