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  • Bundle: Bundle 1
  • Model Number: PTM-10A
  • Type: In-Ear Monitoring
  • Brand Name: Phenyx Pro
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS,WEEE
  • Frequency: 500MHz/900MHz
  • Radio wave type: UHF
  • Receiving range: 140-160 ft/42.6-48.7M
  • Material: Metal
  • Packing: Black Suitcase
  • Transmitter Output Level: 10dBm
  • Dynamic range: > 105dB
  • Operation temperature: -10Cto +50 C
  • Frequency response: 6OHz- 16kHz
  • Dynamic Range: >90dB A-weighted
  • Stereo Separation: >40dB
  • Max Audio Input Level: +6dBV
  • Gain Adjustment Range: 40dB
  • Input Impedance: 6.8KQ
  • Dimensions: 44mm H*200mm w * 96mm D,9ommH*65mm w * 24mm D
  • Power Requirement: DC 12-18V, Current 300mA, Extemal power adapter.
  • Audio Input Leve: 100mV
  • lmage Rejection: >65dB
  • Power requirement: 2 AA size alkaline batteries
  • Battery life: At least 8 hours with original batteries for each transmitter


This UHF stereo wireless in ear monitor system operates in 900MHz band (905MHz – 925MHz)/500Mhz band (530Mhz-580MHz), free of interference by utilizing UHF wide audio signal transmission (Up to 6 systems can operate simultaneously).

The wireless system enables users to move freely on the stage and in the studio with operating distance from 140 – 160 ft(42.6-48.7M). in open space, line of sight.

*For longer distance, please avoid thick walls, glass, and metal block.


Elegant sleek design, metal construction for transmitter base unit, black carrying case for safe-keeping. LCD panel provides system details including channel, group number, stereo mode selection, lock feature, and RF indicator. Simple setup with uninterrupted frequency to optimize sound performance for this personal monitor system. Good quality earbuds provide purer sound and enhanced performance for studio and stage monitor.


This quality stereo IEM system can works perfectly in various sound-monitoring events, both small and large venues, ideal for on stage performance, studio recording, exhibit, lecture, instruction, speech, etc. The package also includes metal racks that facilitate more professional use. Users can select the stereo mode for both the transmitter and receiver to enjoy stereo performance of the system.


1*UHF wireless transmitter,

1* bodypack receiver,

1*in-ear earbuds,

1*power adapter,


1*extension cord,

1*metal racks,

1*user manual.

Kindly note:

1. We have Four Power adapter Options :

1) EU Plug

2) US Plug(Send by default)

3) UK Plug

4) AU Plug


Genuine Phenyx Pro audio products come with 12-month manufacturer assurance and supportive customer service. Welcome to come to us for troubleshooting or replacement of discontinuous/defective parts.

Regarding the choice of frequency, we give the following suggestions:


*NOTE 1: Information as off Jan, 2021. For more detailed information including regulation update and license application, please contact our customer support immediately. 

*NOTE 2: For other countries, please contact customer support for consultation. We support frequency customization for different countries.


Legal Frequency Range


Legal Frequency Range


No License Required:

470 – 608 MHz, 250 mW

614 – 698 MHz

698 – 806 MHz (Prohibited after 2023)

902 – 907,5 MHz

915 – 927,75 MHz

Russian Federation

No License Required:

470 – 798 MHz (Work together with digital television in 500 – 700MHz)

United Kingdom

No License Required:

863 – 865 MHz, max. 10 mW ERP

Site License Required:
470 – 606 MHz, max. 50 mW ERP

614 – 790 MHz


No License Required:

520 – 694 MHz, max e.i.r.p. 100mW (Specific range depends on local area
regulation, please contact us for details).

915 – 928 MHz

Question&answer :

(1)How many bodypack can the PTM-10 use at the same time?

Answer:Theoretically, you can use 89 systems at the same time since the PTM-10 has 89 selectable frequencies. For optimal sound performance, we would suggest operate up to 15 units at the same time~ many of users are band members and they normally use 6-7 systems together without any issue.

(2)This product and PTM-10A are DiGITAL? or Analogue transmittion?

Answer:The PTM-10 is analogue transmittion.

(3)What is the better frequency to Brazil?

Answer: we suggest users from Brazil use the 500MHz frequency band.

Part of the 900MHz frequency band might encounter frequency in Brazil



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