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  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Interface Type: Fiber Interface
  • Package: Yes
  • Speaker: No
  • Type: Home
  • Brand Name: anyphone
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
  • Feature 1: record player
  • Feature 2: bluetooth cd player
  • Feature 3: audiobook player
  • Feature 4: music cd
  • Feature 5: cd player
  • Feature 6: smart home audio
  • Feature 7: hi fi cd player
  • Feature 8: cd player bluetooth
  • Feature 9: cd player hifi

Home wireless bluetooth HIFI digital turntable lossless player

Configuration instructions

Standard version: Equipped with NE5532P op amp produced by IT company, 5532 sound is very general, mainly cheap and affordable. This configuration is generally suitable for veteran players who are ready to go back to replace other op amps or use optical fiber or coaxial output to connect a higher-end independent DAC. This configuration is recommended.

Entry version: equipped with OPA627AU operational amplifier, with high resolution, fast speed and better dynamics, and the sound is clear and fresh and has a cooler tone.

High-end version: equipped with MUSES8820 op amp, the sound is softer, more delicate and durable, the sound is more flavorful, the sound field is open and dynamic, and the price is very high. Or you can choose to configure OPA2604 op amp, which has a warm, mellow and durable sound, with a rich, full and soft tone. It is very famous in the fever world.

Product Description

1: In addition to CD two channels, it can also decode HD-CD. HD-CD is the abbreviation of high-resolution compatible digital technology. It contains more signals than ordinary CDs, and the sound quality is clearer. It is a new recording technology. , Which is a kind of lossless format.

2: DTSCD decoding, DTSCD format audiophile CD disc, the sound quality is clearer and finer, the dynamic range is wide, there is surround effect, immersive in wonder, the sound is natural and realistic, the original sound is more realistic, the first choice for audiophiles.

3: Professional fever audio circuit design, true low-noise and pure music signal output Two-way analog stereo audio output design, which can be connected to two power amplifiers at the same time, or one of them can be connected to another independent subwoofer to help enhance the bass effect.

4: The internal decoding output board is equipped with NE5532P op amp by default, and the circuit board is an op amp seat. You can change different op amps according to your actual needs and preferences to appreciate the timbre characteristics of different op amps.

5: Support 128G large-capacity U disk playback. Support WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3 formats.

6: Bluetooth wireless transmission, high-speed and stable wireless data transmission, strong anti-interference ability, can be easily connected indoors without dropping the line, and easily enjoy the wireless music playback experience.

7: Optical/coaxial digital input

8: Large screen Samsung VFD display

9: Aluminum alloy wire drawing panel

10: Specially select the Sanyo movement with strong disc reading ability, and add a thick and strong shock absorption ability to the base part of the movement in the middle of the case. The metal shock-proof base makes the CD player shake when playing music. Greatly reduced, the bald reading system is as stable as Mount Tai.

11: SPHE8104 decoding chip, SPHE8104 is a high-performance, integrated single-chip stereo digital audio playback system.

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