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  • Charging Power: Other
  • Touch Screen: No
  • Bluetooth Version: YSE
  • Memory Card Type: Dedicated slot
  • Rear Camera Quantity: 1
  • Wireless Charging: no
  • Biometrics Technology: no
  • Charging Interface Type: Micro USB
  • Front Camera Quantity: NONE
  • 3.5mm Headphone Port: YES
  • Fast Charging: Nonsupport
  • Screen Type: Normal Screen
  • Rear Camera Pixel: ≤1MP
  • Front Camera Pixel: None Front Camera
  • Battery Capacity(mAh): 1200
  • Screen Material: TFT
  • Battery Type: Detachable
  • Display Resolution: 240×320
  • SIM Card Quantity: >3 SIM Cards
  • Language: English,Russian,German,French,Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,ITALIAN,Turkish,Arabic
  • Display Size: ≤4.0"
  • Cellular: 2G
  • Operation System: Dumbphone OS
  • Item Condition: New
  • Design: BAR
  • Brand Name: SERVO
  • SERVO Model: v9500
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • SIM Card Quantity: 4 SIM cards
  • Phone Size: 119*50*13.5mm
  • Weight: 99g
  • Network: 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


1,The battery is covered with yellow insulating tape. Please remove the insulating tape from the battery before using the phone. Then charge the phone for 3-5 hours.

2,The phone buttons are covered with protective film. Please remove the protective film before using the phone

Produkt Parameter

Model : SERVO V9500
CPU : Spredtrum SC6531DA
Screen Size : 2.4 inch HD 240*320 Screen
SIM Card Quantity : 4 SIM cards (3* Nano SIM card ,1* Mini SIM card)
Phone Size : 119*50*13.5mm ( Weight 99g )
Network : 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Memory Card : 32Mb RAM,32Mb ROM(Maximum support 32GB expansion ,The system will occupy part of the memory,It is recommended to install a memory card before using the phone)
Battery : 1200mAh(Universal to Nokia 5C batteries)
Phonebook : 1000(Contact name input, with a maximum support of 60 English letters. Supports up to 30 Russian letters)
Camera : 0.3MP


1) 4 SIM cards 4 standby
The phone supports the installation of 4 SIM cards at the same time

2) Phonebook
The phone itself can store up to 1000 contacts

3) Auto record voice call
Please follow the steps below to enable automatic call recording.
Settings > Call Settings > Others > Auto record voice call
Due to the lack of memory on the phone itself. Please install a memory card before using this function.

4) Magic Sound
Enable this feature. Changes your voice while on a call. Male voice, female voice, child voice, old voice, young voice, cartoon voice,6 tones switch at any time

5) Speed Dial
You can choose 8 contacts to set as speed dial numbers.The keyboard ( 8 speed dial numbers,You only need to press and hold the button to quickly dial

6) One key recorder
Long press the button 1 to enter Recording Function

7) Speaker
Speaker, earpiece, vibration three-in-one

8) Blacklist
When you set the mobile phone number to the blacklist. They will not be able to call your cell phone

9) FM Radio
Wireless radio. no need earphone plug in

10) Recreation
The phone comes with 23 classic games

11) More Features
Flashlight, alarm clocks, calendars, calculators, etc


English . Russian. Spain. French. Portuguese. Hebrew. Polish. Italian. Arabic. German. Thai. Turkish. Filipino. Vietnamese. Greek. Indonesian . Czech



1 x Phone ,1 x Battery ,1 x USB Cable ,1 x Box

Add 4GB TF Card

1 x Phone ,1 x Battery ,1 x USB Cable ,1 x Box ,1 x 4GB Memory card

Add 8GB TF Card

1 x Phone ,1 x Battery ,1 x USB Cable ,1 x Box ,1 x 8GB Memory card

Add 16GB TF Card

1 x Phone ,1 x Battery ,1 x USB Cable ,1 x Box ,1 x 16GB Memory card

Add TWS Earphone

1 x Phone ,1 x Battery ,1 x USB Cable ,1 x Box ,1 x 16GB Memory card ,1 x Bluetooth Headset

Super Package

1 x Phone ,1 x Battery ,1 x USB Cable ,1 x Box ,1 x 16GB Memory card ,1 x Bluetooth Headset,1 x 16GB Memory card

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