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  • Model Number: Solder Tip Refresher
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • Feature 1: Soldering Iron Tip Refresher
  • Feature 2: for Oxide Soldering Tips Cleaning
  • Feature 3: Solder Iron Tip Head Resurrection Cream

Electrical Soldering Iron Tip Refresher Clean Paste for Oxide Solder Iron Welding Tip Resurrection Cream BGA Repair Tools


Item specifics:

Model number: Solder Tip Refresher

Function: Solder Iron Tip Refresher

Usage: BGA Soldering Station Repair Tools

Size: 27mm x 15mm



–When the tip surface is oxidized, it become dark and does not wet properly.

–This Tip Refresher removes the oxides on the tip.

–To improve work efficiency, you need this Tip Refresher.

–Make the soldering tip looks like new one again.


How To Use:

1.Regeneration operation when the tip temperature is 300 ° C – 360 ° C. (572°F – 680°F).

2.Let the soldering tip and the resurrection cream repeatedly rub for a few seconds.

3.Clean the tip with solder sponge or copper wire

4.Plated with a new solder wire layer, the soldering tip can be clean and new .


Package includes:

1*Solder Tip Refresher



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