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  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: primer
  • DIY Supplies: Metalworking
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Tape
  • Certification: NONE
  • Specification 1: 3ml
  • Specification 2: 10ml

Name: Adhesion Promoter

Specification: 3ml / 10ml

Color: transparent yellow

94 Primer Application:

94 primer is a light yellow transparent liquid. In order to improve the bonding performance, an adhesive is applied on the surface of the adherend before gluing. It interacts with water molecules in the air, can produce high adhesion, and has the ability to resist high temperature, especially when used with acrylic foam tape, it can have an excellent bonding effect.


1.The initial viscosity is very strong, and it can reach the destruction level in a short time.

2.This product is suitable for: rain shield, handle, door bowl, window trim, anti-collision tape, lampshade, fuel tank cover, rear shield, middle mesh trim, welcome pedal, EPDM / TPE rubber seal Other car modification parts.

Why to cooperate with adhesives?

1. It's not that the tape is not good, it's because the materials on both sides of the paste are different, resulting in poor adhesion.

2. Rough, unsmooth surface and oil film will affect viscosity and durability

3. The bonding surface will be degummed after long-term exposure to high temperature and dust.

This is not glue and cannot be used as glue alone. Adhesion promoters are used to better bond the tape. You need to apply it on tape or any adhesive. So Need to be used together with double-sided tape for better use.


Step 1: Prepare the primer.

Step 2: Apply the primer to a clean, dry surface (simply ''paint'' the spot)

Step 3: Allow the primer to completely dry for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Apply the tape product

Step 5: Allow 72 hours of dwell time before us.(80% Increase Viscosity)


94 primer can be removed with isopropyl alcohol. Vigorous scrubbing may be required.

Package includes:

1 pcs primer (Depends on the one you ordered, check pictures please)

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3. So we hope you can choose tracking available logistics and usually received quickly.As long as you choose your tracking available logistics, we will give a gift – 1gift 1 order (1 pcs double sided tape)—-Please leave a note.

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