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  • Is Smart Device: YES
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Output Current: 12A
  • Output Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ auto match
  • Output Power: 401 – 600KW
  • Output Type: single
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Size: 185mm x 180mm x 38.5mm
  • Model Number: SG-600W-WIFI-MS
  • Brand Name: Y&H
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • MPPT Voltage Range:: 28V-50V
  • Operation Voltage Range:: 20V-55V
  • Maximum Input Voltage:: 55V
  • Startup Voltage:: 28V
  • Maximum Input Power:: 600W
  • Maximum Output Power:: 600W
  • Communication:: WIFI With Cloud Monitoring
Y&H 600W Grid Tie Micro Inverter with WIFI Waterproof MPPT Stackable AC110V 220V Auto DC30-60V Solar Input for 30V 36V PV Panel
As the inverter works to convert DC power to AC power, it generates heat. This heat is added to the ambient temperature of the inverter enclosure, and the inverter dissipates the heat through fans and / or heat sinks. The heat rises above a certain level at which the material in the inverter will begin to degrade. Insulation will become brittle, solder can expand and crack and metal components in capacitors can fatigue. 

The 3rd generation SG-600W uses an aluminium alloy casing for better heat dissipation. The design gears also allow the panel to come into contact with as much air as possible, physically cooling it down through the rapid flow of air.

In order to keep the heat low, the inverter will stop generating power or reduce the amount of power it generates by “derating” as it passes programmed temperature milestones or you can state this as ramp down of power.

1.Produce green and non-polluting energy. Reduce electricity costs
2.Single-phase output, Flexible 3-phase PV systems
3.WIFI With Cloud Monitoring
4.Multiple units combined into a large solar system
5.Maximum output power up to 590W; Adapted to 60 & 72 cells PV panels
6.Maximum 600W input
7.Integrated AC bus cable, Ready-To-Use
8.On Grid inverter Low cost, Easy installation and reduced maintenance costs
MPPT Voltage Range:28V-50V
Operation Voltage Range:20V-55V
Maximum Input Voltage:55V
Startup Voltage:28V
Maximum Input Power:600W
Maximum Output Power:600W
Nominal Output Voltage:120VAC / 230VAC
Communication:WIFI With Cloud Monitoring
Regarding the heating problem of the inverter:

this is normal phenomenon. All electronic devices generate heat during operation. The inverter uses aluminum alloy material. Metal can conduct heat better. The inverter also has over-temperature protection if the temperature is high. Then the inverter will automatically reduce the working output efficiency. Or stop working. After cooling down, restart. It is recommended to install the inverter in a ventilated, dry and cool place.

Correct installation location:
Avoid sunlight – when installing an inverter, you need to avoid direct sunlight to cause excessive temperature
Avoid rain – the installation of the inverter needs to prevent rain or other liquid from getting wet or soaking
Keep ventilation -the inverter needs to be installed in a well ventilated environment to facilitate heat emission
Why Choose Y&H Micro Inverter?
Microinverters- Microinverters are the most efficient and technologically advanced type of inverter on the market. In the best and worst conditions, a microinverter will produce the most energy. This is because only the individual panel obstructed by shade or covered by dirt will be affected, while the others continue to perform to their fullest potential.


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